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Nat’s bun appreciation | Black Widow 008

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what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired

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fangirl challenge • ten tv shows
↳ [2/10] orange is the new black

"I was somebody with a life that I chose for myself. And now, now it’s just about getting through the day without crying. And I’m scared. I’m still scared. I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am. Other people aren’t the scariest part of prison, Dina, it’s coming face-to-face with who you really are. Because once you’re behind these walls, there’s nowhere to run, even if you could run. The truth catches up with you in here, Dina. And it’s the truth that’s gonna make you her bitch.”

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Titanic (film) trivia: The swim dress was the biggest costume design challenge in the movie. Over 24 copies of it were made due to all the strain that was put on them from being in the water for all the action scenes. The dress had a tremendous amount of layers to it but James Cameron wanted it to look as if it was naked against Rose’s skin when soaked. In order to achieve that effect, Kate couldn’t wear any kind of wetsuit underneath her costume unlike all the other cast and crew members who were able to protect themselves from the freezing water.

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Fuck, Marry, or Kill with Sleepy Hollow Cast - George Washington, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin


I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die among my friends.

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