'What you have all done for me is indescribable. It's unbelievable.'

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Community rewatch - 1x01 (Pilot)

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#never forget people! #when jeff winger thinks about having a normal calm life #he instantly thinks about marrying britta perry #because he knows she’ll make normal and calm the best adventure ever #jeff winger knows britta perry is the actual best #and he’ll be better with her #even though she’ll never actually push him to try because she accepts him #just the way he is #and that’s what jeff winger needs x

After everything that has happened here, what did either of us really get done aside from each other?
Exactly! And what are either of us gonna be leaving with?
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you’re equally incomplete, that’s why you’re equally obsessed with each other

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Britta Perry in “The Art of Discourse”

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Britta Perry in “Communication Studies”

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Fangirl challenge [10] Tv shows Community

the reason I know that respect is a tool is because it clearly is not a natural thing and we forget to use it all the time and then we start to compete with each other and exploiting each other and humiliating each other and controlling each other and we lose each other and without each other we’ll go extinct and that’s a fact. 

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You were a hell of a D&D player. It’s time to level up.

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